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World War 1 - 100 years ago, British and German soldiers put down their weapons, walked out into the desolation of "No-Man’s Land" and shook hands. The cause was the Christmas Cease Fire of 1914. In a moment unique to the First World War, troops were given a moment of respite from the horrors of the war when soldiers exchanged gifts, looked at each others’ family photographs and played friendly games of football with the enemy.


Campaign launched for Britain's first black army officer to be honoured with Military Cross for bravery during the First World War

Second Lieutenant Walter Tull was the first black British Army officer; served in WWI


DIYs For Spring Parties

Description Colored hair and other amazing hairstyles and things i like. I don't own any of the pictures and if you find a picture of yourself and want it to be taken down, please contact me, and I will do so :) Enjoy the pictures and have a wonderful day


I've had free reign of my house for tag whole day, and all I've done is make pasta and watch sponge bob. done


Rugby: The only sport with short shorts, a dance routine, AND violence that scares NFL players.


10. Corsairs Shot Down Other Corsairs A Soccer Match Starts War. In July 1969, a week long war erupted between Honduras and El Salvador and was later dubbed the Football War (also known as Soccer War or 100 Hour War). The root cause was mostly economic like immigration issues and land reform. I

In their own words: The unpublished photos and letters from the frontline on the 90th anniversary of the Armistice


Dynamism of a soccer/football player, 1913, by Boccioni. A modern art movement originating among Italian artists in 1909, when Filippo Marinetti's first manifesto of futurism appeared, until the end of World War I. Futurist painting and sculpture were especially concerned with expressing movement and the dynamics of natural and man-made forms.