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Community Post: 20 Minimalist Posters To Celebrate Twenty Years Of "Friends"

Observation 2: Physical Development. The Geller Cup was the annual "cup" that Ross and Monica competed for as children in a family football game. On Thanksgiving, Ross and Monica decide to compete for the cup again, however the game was even more competitive due to their physical development. The early adulthood period is marked by completed physical development and the time of sharpest senses. This leads to an all day game of football, that they continue during a thunderstorm.

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I want this to be true but I'd be horrified for those poor suckers if it was. So once again, i'm conflicted.

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This needs to happen! Deadpool will be acting all cocky and make a joke, thinking Thor won't understand him, but then he just hooks his hammer onto Deadpool and he's like, "Well shit!" Then Quicksilver has to come along and be like, "You didn't see that coming." This needs to be the next end-of-credits scene

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Jackson xD haha and soccer. Dude, xD you don't get talent for being friends with talent xD

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I swear, whoever made this doesn't know what is Bundesliga or doesn't know about Bayern and BVB

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