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pinned this before, but this has always been one of my favorite lines from Big Bang Theory :)

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Oh but the people from other schools have no love. They just want to hurt or kill

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Manchester United Football Club

Manchester United Images Logo -

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"Football is the game We're all together And winning is our aim Through sun and rain 'Cause Chelsea is our name"

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you know what I think is stupid? when guys are like "oh well you're a girl so you can't do that" or something along those lines like why can't I or any other girl not throw a football? or join the army? be a king? or whatever else you wanna be? is there a legit rule in writing that says "girls cannot do this"? no. girls are just as good as boys. every girl including myself can do everything boys can do and be anything they wanna be. so the whole gender standard forget that it's stupid.

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