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Another name for hydrogenated polyunsaturated fatty acids is trans fats. Bet you’ve heard of that one. The rumors are true — trans fats do contribute to heart disease and other major chronic health problems.


This is the perfect dish for a family dinner. Chicken goujons with homemade ketchup


Sometimes you just want FRIES/CHIPS! 😉 Ideally with ketchup, mayo or guac! Deep-fried foods as well as conventional condiments can trigger blemishes and are not healthy at all due to the trans-fat content, table sugar content and various nasty additives. Here is a way to make healthy fries and dips that are actually healthy for you! And your skin won't make you regret them... Fries: cut up potatoes in smallish chunks (skin can be left on), add a small amount of olive oil, curry powder…

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Why eating fat doesn't make you fat

EVERYONE should read this, it's based off the information from this book by Gary Taubes.


Immuno-Falafels With Quinoa & Tahini

Immuno-Falafels With Quinoa & Tahini |

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Foods That Can Lower Cholesterol

You can help lower your cholesterol naturally by following a heart-healthy diet. These heart-smart foods and recipes are extra powerful -- they can help lower bad LDL cholesterol.


The amount of trans fat, saturated fat, sugar and sodium in fast food far exceeds the recommended limits for children. Drive past the drive thru and eat at home instead. Fill half your kid’s plate with fruits and veggies and be sure they get 60 minutes of physical activity every day.