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25 Amazing Iron Rich Foods That You Should Include In Your Diet

Iron is one of the most necessary micro nutrients that the body required. Here we have listed some of the fruits rich in iron that you can add to ...

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Organic Beetroot fight anemia & are filled with iron. Helps in repairing & reactivating red blood cells, increasing oxygen to all of the body. Vitamin C in tomatoes along with lycopene helps absorption of iron. Apple & dates boosts iron levels from the Vit. C & helps the body to absorb non heme-iron. Pomegranates contain a rich source of iron & Vitamin C & improves blood flow. Calcium hinders the absorption of iron; avoid high-calcium foods for a 1/2hr before/after eating iron-rich foods.

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Iron that comes from animal products is not good for humans because it gets stored by the body as ''iron reserves," but the human body cannot use that kind of iron properly, and it has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and other health problems (especially heme iron that's found in red meat).

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2 tablespoons of chia seeds contain: By now many people know the huge benefits of these tiny little superfood heroes Chia seeds. Amongst a meridian of nutrition in just 2 tablespoons of Chia Seeds there contains: 64% more Potassium than a Banana 2 X the Antioxidants of Blueberries 41% of your daily Fibre 5 X more Calcium than milk 100% more Omega3 than Salmon 3 X more Iron than Spinach 20% Protein 32% your daily Magnesium #chiaseeds

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Warm roasted squash and Puy lentil salad

Warm roasted squash and Puy lentil salad. This fresh and vibrant salad makes use of tinned lentils, a store cupboard staple. The result is filling, low-fat and contains all of your five-a-day.

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Banana and Oat Cookies

Banana Oat Cookies with no refined sugar. Only sweetened with fruit, these cookies are perfect for kids and blw (baby led weaning)

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Juicing Beets and Beet Greens for Anemia

Iron-Rich Juice Recipes for Anemia. Featuring... Beet and Beet Greens! Beets and beet greens contain iron and chlorophyll. Both of these have been shown to be beneficial for those who suffer with anemia. Some info about how to better absorb plant (non-heme iron) is included with the recipes. Click for even more juice recipes for anemia.

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Cashew Spinach Cannellini Bean Stew

An amazingly simple, yet so delicious, Cashew Spinach Cannellini Bean Stew. It contains a good amount of tomato passata as a base for the stew and a cup of cashew butter to make it more rich and tasty. Extra healthy ingredients are spinach (so full of nutrients, especially vitamins and iron!) and Cannellini #beans for additional protein!

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