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font friday :: new favorite kid & handwriting fonts

so, this week i have been making my invitation for boston's3rd birthday party next weekend, and i am so excited to share!{slash, i am in denial that i have a 3 year old... so crazy} we are doi...


Harry Potter Party Ideas - You can use these Harry Potter Fonts for lots of different projects but if your’e having a Harry Potter Themed Party, they will be great to make party invitations, food labels or place labels.


Simple posters, in blue colour way, with a rhyme describing magic 'e' and, the alternative term used in some schools, bossy 'e'. Clearly laid out with examples for each vowel. Available in a choice of fonts.

Children's Wedding Activity Book - Something To Keep You Happy

The Wedding of My Dreams - Children's Wedding Activity Book - Something To Keep Children Happy When Grown Ups Are Boring At The Dinner Table