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Folland Gnat F.1 XK740; first flight 6th March 1957; preserved at Solent Sky Museum, Southampton

Flight with British pre-production Concorde 01 (G-AXDN). Concorde flew with the Red Arrows in their Folland Gnat jet trainer. At this time the Concorde test programme was based at RAF Fairford and the Red Arrows at Kemble Airfield which was close by. The flight was possibly flown by John Cochrane with Dennis Ackary as flight engineer and George Wood as navigator around 1973


Folland Gnat G-FCRE (XS104) now privately owned and operated basking in the spring sun at former RAF base North Weald.


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The Folland Gnat G-RORI taking off from Kemble during the 2004 Kemble Air Day