Norwegian bride wearing a traditional folk costume with a bridal crown. You will notice the bridal crown has small metal discs and beads hanging from it which produce a melodic tinkling and according to some legends this is supposed to ward off evil spirits from the bride.

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People from Răchițele, Poieni and Negreni, villages in Huedin zone in Vlădeasa Mountains, performing Colinde, winter custom originating in Roman Saturnalia (people going from home to home and singing good wishes to the owners)

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Moravian kroj or Czech folk costume , 19th-early 20th C. - Printed silk and wool skirt trimmed with red and yellow lace, navy apron with floral embroidery, tie dyed stripes and lace trim, brocaded vest in red, green, purple and yellow, embroidered blouse, three embroidered caps-two with beadwork and metallic threads, short sash

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The art of textiles has been a long tradition in Czech culture, where weaving was done especially in winter to combat boredom. Description from I searched for this on

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Participants Of Georgian Folk Autumn Festival 2011 in Tbilisi, wearing Adjarian traditional costume. These are recent workshop-made copies, as worn by folk dance groups.

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Simple Sarafan, here with belt. FolkCostume: The 5 types of Russian folk Costume

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Leksand - The apron and the bag from my mothers folk costume (Leksand) from the 1920s. I think this things were bought in Leksand and my grandmother made the dress in cotton flannel

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