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How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden (Gardening world)

Ultimate curly hair. I know it looks like one of those pinterest tutorials that never actually works but honestly this does. Curliness depends on how much hair you put in the tin foil. Remember: you're just heating it, NOT BURNING IT

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12 Easy And Cheap Ways To Transform Your Hair Without Heat

Braid damp hair with twisted pieces of foil to get pretty curls.

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•Tin Foil Curls• No curling iron needed. As thick or thin as you plz. Use heat protection as you would with any hot tool. Make a few rods to interchange so they can cool. Get creative with a variety of sizes and have fun! Less heat needed. #hair #tinfoilcurls

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Gorgeous and Bouncy Waves Tutorial

Gorgeous and Bouncy Waves Tutorial. Not sure if I will ever have enough patience to try this, but it looks cool.