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10 reasons why your photos aren't sharp (and how to fix them)

Getting sharp photos is one of the fundamental goals in photography. If your images aren’t as sharp as you’d like, take a look at our ten-point guide to work out where you’re going wrong and how to get it right next time.

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Big Ben and houses of parliament Depth of Field being used creatively - I feel this gives a much better effect than having shot the image with a smaller aperture which would give a bigger focus in the image (so Big Ben in the background would have been in focus too).

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Under water.... I've always wanted to do this! Have like a room or hallway underwater and swim through it! Amazing

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7 still life photo ideas you don't want to miss

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49 seriously good Canon DSLR tips, tricks, time savers and shortcuts

Thinking of getting into photography, this will come in handy | Canon DSLR Tips. Very useful and lots to read...EML

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99 Common Photography Problems (and how to solve them)

As well as being one of the most expensive hobbies around, photography is also one of the more technical pastimes you can pursue. But it doesn't have to be confusing!.....♥♥....

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i love the depth of field, the black & white, the framing, the clarity of the droplets, everything.

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How To Do London In 48 hours (On A Budget)

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Our new 'Number Focus' table. Intend to have a different number each week (rather than new each day) Includes: number and tens frame, wooden number, amount in items, number and picture amount, number formation, roll and write number, sandpaper number, pad and pencil.

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Don McCullin interviewed by Professional Photography

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Just a little crazy!: Margaret Bourke-White working at the top of the Chrysler Building, New York, New York, 1935.

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Shopping list You really don’t need a great deal of equipment to get going with ink drop photography. As with any specialist technique you can spend a fortune on a flashy kit, but before you lay out hundreds of pounds on macro lenses why not take a trial run first? You’ll need: a selection of different coloured inks a medicine dropper or pipette a fish tank or a large glass container a large piece of white paper or a soft box a strong light a camera with manual focus manually operated…

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Giant's Causeway by Yongjia Peng via The Royal Photographic Society

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They are trying to keep uour focus away from what's really important. Your soul, your eternity. Satan came to kill steal and destroy jesus came to give life. John 10:10

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What is a macro lens? Magnification and minimum focus distance explained

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