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Paragliding Olu deniz Turkey June 2013 My dad did this and he loved it I would highly recommend it and I think he will to xx

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Surviving Long Haul Flights

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I was really really nervous to fly with H. I really know how much of a live wire she is, how excitable and how she loves to explore. I was so nervous about it, but we decided to bite the bullet and just go for it. We’d have to sometime. I’m so glad we have because we were surprised and so relieved it all went well. EasyJet were amazing, so helpful, so reassuring to each passenger explaining the baby seat belt and repeating we should call if we needed anything. Maybe we got lucky, but, it was…

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How to book the cheapest flights possible to anywhere

20 tips that will help you find the cheapest flights to fly anywhere in the world. Cheap flights are not a myth, you just need patience and flexibility.

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