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Flu Outbreak

Wearable Art - bold white fashion armour - 3D fashion; conceptual design; sculptural fashion // Julia Krantz


Will the deadly flu outbreak claim more victims when the The Walking Dead returns?

I slowly walk into the town. Upon seeing this sign I grimace. How would one not help a dead person? Maybe they aren't quite dead yet! Just as that thought comes to mind, I see a body. Ignoring the bombarding thought of 'Go report it.' I give the lifeless body CPR. At this point there's no chance of whoever this is of surviving. A car drives up from the city and I stand, pretending I did nothing. ((Open rp))

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What All Dog Owners Need To Know About The Latest Dog Flu Outbreak

Weimaraners - I just couldn't resist this picture. The article is good too


On the morning of March 11, 1918 a Private at Fort Riley, KA reported to the hospital with flu-like symptoms. By noon over 100 fellow soldiers had joined him. It's believed these were the first cases of the 1918 influenza epidemic, later dubbed The Spanish Influenza. It spread quickly, traveling with US soldiers to the front. By the end of 1918 between 50-80 million people had died, making it even deadlier than WWI itself. (more from This Week in History:


Health Inn 2015 Influenza Epidemic and Alternative Solutions

What are all of the "ingredients" in vaccines and why are they in the vaccines?

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Togo slaughters 11,500 chickens after H5N1 bird flu outbreak

Togo slaughters 11,500 chickens after H5N1 bird flu outbreak | Reuters

The documentary “Meat of the Matter” traces the trail of destruction left by the commercial meat industry Many feedlots have filthy living conditions, poor handling, and improper slaughtering, which is not only inhumane, but stresses the animals and compromises meat quality

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Aetna CEO: We Use Google to Track Flu Outbreaks

Google Called the Current #Flu Outbreak Two Weeks Ago.


Wanted: Germs Who or what should you be on the lookout for this flu season? Here are four very likely culprits. The reward? Better health!

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27 Bizarre And Beautiful Chickens

Serama | This Malaysian breed is only six inches tall and is often kept as an indoor pet. Thousands were culled during the bird flu outbreak in 2004, but the breed is on the recovery.