Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at http://www.etsy.com/listing/153108591/music-art-wall-art-flowers-sheet-music

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"Plants and Animals: Partners in Pollination": Ultimately, all life on Earth depends on plants to provide food, shelter, and oxygen for other living things. Consequently, plant reproduction is crucial to all other life on this planet. The first step in plant reproduction is the intricate process called pollination, which occurs when pollen grains, the male germ cell of a plant, reach the stigma, the female reproductive part of the same species of plant.

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Flower Reproduction This video has a little worksheet that you can print off. Definitely look at this one.

Flower Reproduction Lab - A Great Seasonal Activity to teach parts of a flower or flower reproduction. Includes links to suggested videos and flower suggestions

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Flower Parts and Their Jobs foldable idea label each flower part and underneath describe its function to the plant

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Keywords: stamen, pistil, ovary, dissection, reproduction, sexual, asexualThis product includes two versions of a flower reproduction lab. One version is a more traditional lab, and the other is slightly more open-ended, or inquiry based. Both versions

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Learning about Pollination - use juice boxes to make flowers, students drink nectar, eat cheetos without wiping hands for pollen, go to other flowers, and the "pollen" will stick - From Second Grade Shenanigans

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This fun, visual, cut & glue activity helps students review the process of cell division and flower reproduction. The activity falls into the ...

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