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I enjoy this with the colors and open shelves. Would need tall ceilings so it doesn't look crammed.

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Can you really have a cosy kitchen? Five ideas to try

Black kitchen with wood floor and worktops

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A stunning 3 meter long bespoke island with Carrara marble worktop and breakfast bar seating by deVOL

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I love what Court and Michael did w/ their kitchen to let light in. So important when living in London or Seattle!

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The Amazing Images of the World's Best Wedding Photographers

Susan Stripling shares her work as one of the world's best wedding photographers. Here a bride descends the stairs where her groom awaits. Inspiring photography. Click for more images from the world's best wedding photographers.

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20 Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

New home? Feel like you need to revamp your bedroom? These 20 Master Bedroom Decor Ideas will give you all the inspiration you need! Come and check them out

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Domus project 2: Homemade miniature bricks by Wernerio on deviantART

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Tilework - Morocco Love the colors in this, especially the mix of blue teals and the oranges and reds.

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My home, my paradise NO.10

A built in cozy bench in the kitchen. Perfect spot for a short break or having company around while preparing the dinner.

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Install Vinyl Flooring in a Laundry Room

Use the template method and good floor preparation to put down new vinyl flooring.

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