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Kurt Jackson’s sketchbooks: the soul of a place

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In Iceland, books are exchanged as Christmas Eve presents, then you spend the rest of the night in bed reading them and eating chocolate. The tradition is part of a season called Jolabokaflod, or ‘The Christmas Book Flood’, because Iceland, which...

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Icelandic tradition of giving books on Christmas eve - WTF fun fact

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There's always its sorry when all of the above you didn't catch until one day it came in as an overwhelming revelation and everyone caused a great flood.

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Another London extension - doors all the way opening onto same-level deck. Perfect for protecting against Oxford floods

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My neighbors, and the potential new ones should beware. Yeah my best friend hates when my music is loud

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Africa | Giraffe running across a flooded area in The Okavango in Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana. What I like about this image is that it seems that the small oxpecker is chasing the big giraffe when in fact it was running away from me and my camera. | Caption and image © Mario Moreno

Alien UFO Sightings: Archeologists Unearth Alien-Like Skulls In A Mexico Cemetery

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