Surreal Flock of Corvidae and the Vivid Scarlett Fox!! "Red Fox and Black Birds" Painting by Chris O'Leary

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Ravens symbolize the veil between the world of the living and the dead... My spirit guide is a raven.... I find it ironic.

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A ring of crows line the interior of this slightly ominous bowl, waiting for food to arrive. Outside, a flock of crows circle, equally anxious for a meal.

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Cutting Away: The Linocuts of Robert Gillmor - 1904078141 9781904078142: NHBS: Robert Gillmor

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"Raven's Dogfight" by ThorgnyrD here's what he says: "I was watching a flock of ravens that hovered over the new Cultural House in Akureyri. They had small fights over leftovers, icescreamboxes and some other stuff. I tried to catch some of their acrobatics in the air with my camera. Pretty difficult though aiming the lens straight up to grey sky. Got some rather strange pictures and among them this moment."

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All the birds of Jeru come, Sing a song of martyrdom. Every cage and every tree, Set the birds of Jeru free. If the King among you dies, Lift him up and bring him here, To claim his troth to every ear.

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While some people consider crows a nuisance, many regard the presence of the birds as a benefit. A small flock of crows will eat a vast quantity of the very types of insects most fruit and vegetable ...

It's a Crow! Did you know they live in family groups, and return to the same spots year after year to nest? Odds are that a large group of crows is an extended family, not just random crows that have formed a murder! (AKA: Flock of Crows)

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