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Float Trip Missouri

I'm sorry I missed yesterday. But there wasn't really all that much to tell. It was all spent in preparation for today, but today is now over. It seems as though the more certain I become, the more I grow & feel I have actually learned something, that I fall back & feel myself spinning around in circles, uncertain of which way is up.

Trip down I-44 in Missouri : News The Fugitive Beach in Rolla is an old quarry that has been turned into a tourist attraction. You can zoom down a 60-foot slide or jump off 15 or 20 foot cliffs. Or just take a swim, float or play volleyball on the sand beach.


Current River~ I paddled 90 miles of this river a few years ago. Absolutely beautiful. Canoed from Baptist Camp all the way to Big Spring. If you get a chance to do this trip.... do it!