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Inspiring Artwork Combining Geometry & Photography

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i love gymnastics and i dont do it but i really love it i can do crab, kinda do cartweel, flip, and i can kinda do splits.

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If you have ever had the privilege of having your life blessed by a Staffy you will understand this photo and the sentiment behind it. #StaffordshireBullTerrier

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Surrey Satin Grey and Nickel

Traditional flowers and fruit mantel swag | Christmas mantelpiece ideas | Christmas | PHOTO GALLERY | Homes & Gardens |

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Inspiring Artwork Combining Geometry & Photography

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Getting up close: New episodes of Sir Attenborough Planet Earth show

A mother three-toed pygmy sloth carries her baby on her chest. The youngster is around 6 months old, and will remain with its mother for a further 6 months, until it is able to fend for itself

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