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Architectural Pop-Up Art : Peter Dahmen

curved lines have been used with geormetric lines. paper cut out means there is a crisp and clean texture to the work as lines in the paper are cut carefully adn neatly

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The Gorbals - Glasgow ... So they demolished all the filthy tenement slums and look ! ... They built these beautiful award winning prisons, oops, I mean flats in their place ! Shame on you Glasgow planners, you ripped the heart out of my city !!!

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Gazebo with a fountain in the gardens of Bahia Palace (Bahia means brilliant), Marakesh, Morocco. It is a complex of ornately decorated reception rooms, apartments and gardens that was built by a grand vizier at the end of the 19th century. Take some time to admire the architecture mosaic ceilings, tiled courtyards and carved wooden columns.

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When Tino is mad all the nordics run and hide or tip toe around him as much as possible...I mean can you imagine Finland just flat out pissed????

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At this time of year, nothing is nicer than having your own, private outdoor space. And you don't have to have a giant backyard to create a beautiful outdoor retreat — it's possible to make an inviting space out of even the smallest balcony. Take a look a

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Open. Stucky AU. Post- Winter Soldier. Be Steve?) I always had a black tally mark. No matter what my handlers tried, it was always there and always black. They eventually gave up trying to get rid of it and instead left out the information about what they meant. I had always assumed that it was a tattoo until the bridge. And again at the helicarrier. The man had two tally marks, but only one was black. The other was scarred. I need to ask him what they mean. That's why I'm in his apartment.

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