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This $5.00 Gadget Saved My Flaky, Crusty, Itchy Scalp

Good scalp exfoliator for hair health. $6 on Amazon. Use with a salycilic acid shampoo for max results


Lush Superbalm Scalp Treatment

Your scalp and mane deserve as much extra attention as they can get during the long, dull, and drying winter months. Leave-in treatments, shampoos and conditioners, soothing tonics and more all work to give your head a little extra you can say goodbye to a common winter nemesis: dandruff. White, flaky substances should fall from the sky and not your head, so stick with us and get rid of your irritated, flaky scalp with these top ten scalp treatments. To make our picks we used…

from DIY Natural Home Remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar to Make Your Scalp and Hair Healthy

Method – 1: (Apple Cider Vinegar Spray) This process is used to treat all scalp problems that include dry scalp, itchy scalp, dry itchy scalp, dry and dandruff, itchy and dandruff, scalp buildup, scalp psoriasis and flaky scalp.


This stuff is amazing if you've got a flaky scalp 💆🏼

from Moody Sisters Skincare

Making the Switch to Natural Shampoo + Scalp Recovery

from Amazingy Magazine

Amazing DIY #5: Hair Masks

3 HAIR MASKS TO TRY AT HOME! For Dry Hair, Itchy or Flaky Scalp and Oily Hair :) Get your hair looking shinier and feeling softer immediately with these DIY Hair masks.


Dry, itchy and flaky scalp, all are symptoms of an unhealthy #scalp and it can lead to excessive hair fall and even balding over time. So, treating the dr...Read more