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Flail Chest: Paradoxical Breathing. Monitor vital signs for shock, administer pain meds at reg intervals, encourage client to turn, cough & deep breathe, monitor ABGs


Flail Chest: ribs fractured in 2 or more places or if the sternum is fractured along with several ribs, a segment of chest wall may be detached from the rest of the thoracic cage. Signs and symptoms are that the injured side of the chest has paradoxical movements. Immobilize flail segment, provide supplementary oxygen and rapid transport.

post-it-note-medicine: ATOMIC - an acronym for remembering the six causes of breathing problems that should be noted on the primary survey in a trauma patient. A. airway obstructionT. tension pneumothoraxO. open pneumothoraxM. massive haemothoraxI. intercostal disruption - i.e. flail chest where a set of ribs have detached and are floating free in the chest. An indicator of severe chest trauma. C. cardiac tamponade The fluffy things in the collapsed lung are clouds. It’s meant to signify ...

Holy sh*t. Colin O'donoghue on Christina Perri's #thewordsmusicvideo. Just kill me. FINALLY THE CHEST HAIR!