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*Bob Marley* Jamaica, his cradle, his home island, his yard, and the birthplace of reggae. More fantastic pictures and videos of *Bob Marley* on:

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National Symbols of Jamaica

National Symbols of Jamaica features clockwise from top left: National Bird — Red-billed Streamertail Jamaica's Coat of Arms National Flower – Lignum vitae National Hero - Marcus Garvey (1887-1940) National Tree — Blue Mahoe Jamaican meal of Ackee and Saltfish National Fruit — Ackee Flag of Jamaica National Motto — "Out of Many, One People." Map of Jamaica


Jamaican Flag | Adopted on August 6, 1962, the day it won its independence from the British-the top and bottom are equal green triangles, the left and the right triangles are black in color. The flag has Pan-African colors, each of which venerates Jamaica's African legacy-green is the symbol of hope and agricultural abundance, the yellow is representative of natural resources and sunshine, and Black stands for creativity and courage of the people.


Jamaica Motto: "Out of many, one people" Capital: Kingston Official Language: English Government: const. Monarchy Currency: Jamaican Dollar Driving: left Religion: Christianity Flag: -green: lush vegetation -yellow: golden sunshine -black: strengh, creativity of people

Rastafarian is a religious movement that emerged in Jamaica in the mid- 20 between the working class and black farmers, calling for the repatriation of the same to his ancestral home : Ethiopia - Africa. This movement proclaims Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia , as the earthly representation of Jah (God).