On This Day In 2003,The Georgia Legislature Omitted “Confederate flag” Design From State Flag ... http://liveitloveitdoit.com/site/2013/04/on-this-day-in-2003the-georgia-legislature-omitted-confederate-flag-design-from-state-flag/

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The current flag was adopted 5/8/03. It has 3 red & white stripes, & the state coat of arms on a blue field. The arch symbolizes the state's Constitution, the pillars represent the 3 branches of government. The motto, "Wisdom, Justice, & Moderation," are wrapped around the pillars, guarded by a figure dressed in Colonial attire, with drawn sword representing defense of the Constitution. In God We Trust, appears below. The circle of 13 white stars, symbolizes Georgia as 1 of the 1st 13…

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The Georgia Capitol Museum seeks to preserve and interpret the history of the Georgia Capitol itself as well as the events that have taken place within its walls. To carry out this purpose, the Museum collects, maintains, and exhibits significant artifacts, including historic flags and works of art, within the State Capitol. The museum is free and a great complement to a guided/self-guided tour.

Assembled from early to mid 19th C. scraps of homespun wool, prints, yarn and more, all hand sewn, this Story Skirt is reminiscent of the wonderful African American Quilts made by Harriet Powers in the late 19th Century. (more photos)

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