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Flag Half Mast Today

aug 31,1998--The family flag flies at half mast at Princess Diana's family home Althorp House today (Monday) the first anniversary of her deathAlthorp flag

aug 31,1997--The Union Flag flies at half mast over the Houses of Parliament in London today (Sunday), following the death early this morning of Diana, Princess of Wales

TIL Flags fly at half-mast to make room for the "invisible Flag of Death" above

Flag at half mast today at the French Embassy in Havana following the terrorist attacks in Paris. by cubareporter

((The flags of the Battleship Missouri Memorial in Pearl Harbor are flying at half-mast today to honor the life of Margaret Truman Daniel)) The photos, on the right, show Margaret Truman christening the Mo; and enjoying lunch with a few of the battleship’s sailors in 1947. She recently recalled her memory of the latter. “It was fun. I was the only woman around.” Indeed.