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Fixing Home Odd Jobs

21 Side Jobs That Pay More Than $20 an Hour

Need a Part-Time Job? These 21 Gigs Pay More Than $20 an Hour

Once a familiar sight upon the London street, Peep Shows or Raree Boxes manned by itinerant performers were recorded in the capital as early as the 15th century Pictured is a veteran of the Napoleonic war making his living at Hyde Park corner as Showman in 1812. Via Spitalfields Life blog.


Remove a Dent in Car With a Hair Dryer


Sushi lover ends up with his entire body riddled with WORMS

X-ray image sashimi lovers infected with tapeworms. (Youtube) Guangzhou - This love a Chinese man on the sushi and sashimi almost killed him. Because of that, the whole body filled with tapeworm. One day, an unnamed man was a doctor. He complained of exc


ADHD Behavior Secrets: Create Daily Routines

*Researcher on the Antarctica live on a Moveable Home. Via travelwithdrone and