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I so need this!! My kids always break mine or drop it. Beauty Tip - How to Fix Your Broken Compact


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We’ve all been there, you drop your compact and it crumbles and cracks, leaving you with a mess. Just a few drops of rubbing alcohol will solve your problems.


All Present and Correct: The Right Way to Use Beauty Products

The Right Way to Use Beauty Products - she has fantastic tips and from the experts themselves some of which I knew about and some which I didn't. Well worth watching this!

How to fix broken makeup – Pinterest WIN!

How to fix broken makeup – All you do is pour a few teaspoons of plain ol’ rubbing alcohol over the cracked make-up. (Isopropyl Alcohol) Stir and break up the chunks until all the makeup is dissolved. Set out on a flat surface overnight. The alcohol dries up and you’re left with perfect and fresh makeup!


How to Fix Broken Compact Powder, Highlighter, Blush and Eyeshadow?


Broken compact? Don't trash it just yet! We've got the ultimate beauty hack to fix up your powder so it's good-as-new.

Another Pinterest Win! I saw this one a long time ago and tucked it away in my little pin bank for the right time. I finally had the opportunity to test it out when I unfortunately dropped my Mac P…