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How to Resize a Bra

How to Resize a Bra - Learn how to fix a bra with this easy bra hacks tutorial. Make your bras fit perfectly!

from DIY Crush

Learn How To Refashion A Bra

How to refashion or fix a bra band. A great tutorial to prevent you from throwing out your old bras | DIY Crush


Quick Tips for Improving Your Stitches

END METALLIC THREAD WOES When I sew with metallic gold thread, it often frays and breaks. To solve this problem I now thread both the metallic thread and a yellow thread through the same needle. The dual threads give more definition to the stitch and work beautifully.

from Especially Creative Broad

How to Fix a Bra with an Underwire that Pokes You

I hate having to buy new clothes. Since I make plenty of my own I always have a hard time not feeling ripped off, but some things I just don't have the time, supplies or experience to do myself....

from One Good Thing by Jillee

How to Quickly Fix A Broken Underwire Bra

underwire bra repair