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The 5 Love Languages

I highly recommend this book "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. Even if you're not in a relationship, it helps you understand your partner or friends, and actually helped me understand my Dad.


How to Apply the 5 Love Languages to your Relationship

These are some GREAT tips on how to apply the five love languages in a relationship! My husband and I now know ours and this is SO HELPFUL! It's definitely improved our marriage and romance! Such an AWESOME read!


The Five Love Languages: Why They Matter

You've probably heard of The Five Love Languages, but do you know why they matter? You may being showing love to those you care about but are they receiving it? Here is Why The Five Love Languages Matter and how to make sure those you love know it!

Quality Time, the second of The Five Love Languages, is my personal love language. Everything on this pin would make me absolutely happy if my wife did these things for me (she does, and I'm ever so lucky). If your spouse if a Quality Timer like I am, then he/she will LOVE these ideas.

Love is a choice you make everyday - Dr. Gary Chapman quote from five love languages. Are you Speaking the Same Love Language? Find out here -


How the Five Love Languages Changed My Marriage

If you're in a serious relationship, you have to read the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. This blogger details how her marriage changed after reading it years ago. I hope it works this well for me!