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Victim of slave trade, black male from Africa dumped in the sea. Statue to remind us of the sacrifices and suffering of our ancestors


The week in pictures: 20 April 2012

The National Fisheries Development Board building in Hyderabad, India. I think this is completely insane but brilliant. Picture: NOAH SEELAM/AFP/Getty Images


Client: Department of Fisheries, Government of Canada Date: 1937 Design: Unknown


The Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development and Fisheries department has decided to launch an app for disseminating important information to the animal breeders of the state besides making them aware regarding various innovations in this sector. Cabinet Minister Gulzar Singh Ranike has instructed officials to provide medicines without delay in the veterinary hospitals in order to ensure treatment of animals in time. #Punjab #ShiromaniAkaliDal #SAD

Ganesh devotees will have to take each step with utmost care on the beaches on the visarjan day. With the threat of stingray and jelly fish, the fisheries department has issued an advisory to the civic body. Although the BMC has set up medical camps on every beach and also stocked necessary first-aid medicines, there's little it can do to avoid attack by these aquatic animals. Subscribe to Tv9 Gujarati

Harp Seal pups are probably the cutest creatures to waddle around the ice of the Arctic, yet are under growing threat from climate change.


Walk In Interview Live Stock & Fisheries Department Karachi For details and how to apply:


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Revival of seal penis sales part of proposal to Fisheries Department

Fishing gear abandoned in ocean being collected in B.C. town for recycling. Massive bags of nylon – stripped from old fishing nets – are being collected in Steveston, B.C., in an attempt to put a dent in the tonnes of gear lost and discarded in the world’s oceans every year that clog up harbours and endanger marine life. Canada’s Fisheries department says that although some regional efforts are being made, no national program exists to remove gear from the country’s waters. Canada’s…