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What your skin can tell you in 5 seconds flat

There are lots of interesting things you can tell about your health just by taking a glance at your skin. Check out our list of skin conditions and what nutritional signs they’re giving you below.


Fermented Cod Liver Oil vs Fish Oil - Which is Better?

Fermented Cod Liver Oil contains nutrients like Omega-3s, Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 (with butter blend added).

Natural multi-vitamins, help get your vitamins but dont have all those harmful additives and unnecessary ingredients!!

Vitamin A is essential for the maintenance of healthy epithelial tissue which is found in the skin, eyes, respiratory system, GI and urinary tracts.


6 Benefits of Fish Liver Oil

Cod liver oil, has been traditionally used for its many benefits to health. To know more about the health benefits of cod liver oil, which has been rightly called a superfood, read on...

Supplement: Our #1 most important super-supplement: Fermented Cod Liver Oil. This is where we get our staple of all-important vite's A & D. We take 1 tsp twice daily. Sure, it's pretty yucky (yeah, fermented fish liver oil), but the yuck becomes less of a factor the longer you take it.

A&D 10,000/400 (from fish liver oil)

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The Viking Experience The origin of the use of cod liver oil as a food dates back to the Viking Era (late 700s to 1100). Fish and fish liver oil were important parts of the Norse diet. The Vikings consumed … Continue reading →