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Kikokuryu are scaleless (doitsu) koi with a white base combined with areas of black inside the single row of scales, along the back outside of the row, and on on the head around the eyes and nose. Kikokuryu are commonly thought to be metallic versions of Kumonryu.

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Kin Kikokuryu combine orange or yellow with the black and white patterns of Kikokuryu to form the newest variety of koi in the industry.

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ARTFINDER: 1 Line Prawns by Art as you Go - The 1 continuous line is a very innovative, experimental and rather difficult to execute technique, where the chosen tool (in this case an ink marker) create...

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Yamabuki Ogon are koi of a solid, metallic-yellow color. As with other Ogon koi, a clean, unblemished head and body are important. Variations of Yamabuki Ogon include Gin Rin Yamabuki Ogon and Doitsu Yamabuki Ogon.

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Matsuba are koi that combine a solid, metallic colored base with a black net pattern. The base color of Matsuba can vary. Gin Matsuba have a white base color, while Ki Matsuba have a yellow base color, and Aka Matsuba have a red base. The sole variation of Matsuba is Doitsu Matsuba.

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Northern Shoveler. April 5, 2013. Wolflake Fish Hatchery, Oshtemo, MI. We went out to Wolflake Hatchery yesterday between conference sessions and there were hundreds of ducks, coots, geese, and even a couple of swans out on the large pond. Among the many American Coots, Ring-Necked Ducks, and Buffins, was, as far as I could tell, one Northern Shoveler. It was beautiful. (This is a painting by Sharon Herman)

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