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John Kasich Is In, Rick Perry Is Out in First Republican Debate - The New York Times

The Roster: Contenders Named to First Republican Debate

The First Republican Debate: The Winners and the Losers WRITTEN BY: PAMELA GELLERPUBLISHED ON: AUGUST 7, 2015 Read more at

4/13/13 - TEXAS -- It NARROWLY passes the senate -- REPUBLICAN SEN CRAIG ESTES OF WICHITA FALLS VOTED THE WRONG WAY -- State, Local & School Board Elections is where they first infiltrated -- Sharia BAN ADVANCES in Texas Senate -- AND NARROWLY--- unless the clear logic Sen. Estes lays out can persuade his colleagues to keep off the Senate floor what could turn into an ugly debate. (Due to the Senate’s operating rules, it takes only 11 Senators to block consideration of a bill.) click to…

Candidates Continue to Plead Their Cases After First Republican Debate - The New York Times