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Journalist and news correspondent, Max Robinson, was born in 1939. He was the first African-American Broadcast Network News Anchor in the United States. He was also the founder of the National Association of Black Journalists.


LeapFrog AlphaZoo Spinner. Press and spin your way to early reading skills! Listen and learn the names of the letters when in Letter mode and the names and sounds of animals when in Animal mode. Personalize the learning with your childs first initial and favorite animal. The AlphaZoo Spinner is appropriate for children ages 12 to 36 months. Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path for customized learning insights and ideas to expand the learning.Pro


Sotheby's to sell Mick Jagger's love letters

This Saturday, July 5, 1969 file photo shows Mick Jagger, lead singer of The Rolling Stones, singing during a free, five-hour concert before nearly 250,000 fans in Hyde Park in London, England. Handwritten letters from Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger to his former lover Marsha Hunt will be auctioned in London next month. Hunt is an American-born singer who was the inspiration for the Stones' 1971 hit "Brown Sugar" and bore Jagger's first child. Sotheby's says the "passionate and artic

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Official Microsoft Kinect accessories detailed

Official Microsoft Kinect accessories detailed | Microsoft has partnered with US accessories firm PDP to release an official range of Kinect accessories for launch this coming November. Buying advice from the leading technology site IT Managers Toolbox - #1 Resource for IT Professionals

Alienor d'Aquitaine is one butt kicking lady. She should be present on the shrine of any girl who wants to succeed and be successful. First off, she owned basically all of France during her life (1122-1204). First, she married the King of France (who she was richer than...score one). Then dumped him for the hotter and more powerful King of England (score two), who also owned a big chunk of what is now France (score three).


Janet Collins, the first black prima ballerina of the Metropolitan Opera House in the early 1950's. I had the opportunity to interview her and perform her legacy for a middle school history competition.


Viola Davis Desmond (1914 –1965) was an Black Nova Scotian who was granted a posthumous pardon, the first to be granted in Canada. The gov't of Nova Scotia also apologized for convicting her for tax evasion, when, in fact, she was resisting a "whites only" discrimination policy in a movie theatre in 1946. Desmond's story was one of the most publicized incidents of racial discrimination in Canadian history. Desmond acted 9 yrs before the famed incident by civil-rights activist Rosa Parks.


Wilma Rudolph, also known as "The Black Gazelle", "The Tornado" and "The Black Pearl", was the first woman to ever win three track and field gold medals in one Olympic Game. The Tennessee State alumni was also a noted Civil Rights and Women's Rights advocate and pioneer.


'Ich bin ein Berliner' - Striding past a cordon of saluting servicemen at Checkpoint Charlie, President John F. Kennedy arrives in Berlin on June 26, 1963. Kennedy delivered one of his most famous speeches, declaring, "Ich bin ein Berliner" - or "I am a Berliner" - to a cheering crowd of thousands. The much-needed morale boost for West Berliners also sent a strong message to the Soviets. Two months later, Kennedy negotiated the first nuclear test ban treaty with the Soviet Union.