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At my last homecoming he gave me my first kiss (several times over actually) and…

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First kisses are the best. Find that person that can kiss you over and over and make it feel like your first kiss every time


10 Instagram accounts for people who love to feel things


: ) ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ No, I could not stop from the first day. You were my world…


....i didn't need to say.


I told him this, he now agrees. He kisses me like it is his first time, he holds my hand just because, he laughs when I make faces, he loves me for me, he can't wait for me to get home from work and waits on me at the door, he is everything that I never thought I deserved. He did exactly what he promised the day we married and that was to make me and my daughter happy forever and always.


Mmmm, dam... We both love this; the anticipation. Knowing how good it's gonna feel at the moment when we get so close and inhale each others scent as our hearts race from wanting each other til we can't take it any longer and finally meet with our lips. It's already so good just with our first kiss... Imagine the rest. ;-) ❤

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Mr. Chicago

James Courtney Bellah be kissing He's Women boo right now while she sleeps I luvs my boo I'll forever kiss her forehead her cheeks her nose her ears I be kissing my baby ! I luvs you ashlyn Nicole Howard Bellah If u do ever pick me I swear I'll kiss you forehead and more! always kissin' my forehead! ♥ :D


DM ready :*** Goodnight Honey. I going to sleep - have a nice day :***. Love you <3<3<3. I know, I will see you soon :***