02-14 Kevin Mandia, chief executive officer of FireEye Inc.,... #sanagustan: 02-14 Kevin Mandia, chief executive officer of… #sanagustan

FireEye Inc. (FEYE) is set to report fourth-quarter 2016 results on Feb 2.

FireEye Stock Beats Earnings But Still Gets Crushed Buz Investors Downward Spiral With so much talk of “the cyber” these days—reaching all the way to the American presidency, even—you’d think it would be a boom time to be in the cyber security business. After all, with accusations of election hacking and grid-takeovers, there’s definitely a fervor building up in the online security sector. But unfortunately for FireEye Inc(NASDAQ:FEYE), all this media buzz has hardly translated into…

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FireEye, Inc.

FireEye Inc. sent out a warning yesterday that XP users were at risk for a new hack attack. Hackers had discovered a particular XP bug, and were ramping up to use that bug in order to royally mess around with XP users. #windowsxp #fireeye

In hacking the blame game is purely for entertainment As the holidays approach I find myself missing the drama and spectacle of the Sony hack. You know the kind of drama where a movie studio realizes it's under attack and decides that overacting will save the film. Or that threatening journalists to stop writing about it will put an end to all those "bad reviews" everyone's suddenly writing about Sony security. The holidays were made for this sort of thing. Can you even remember any of last…

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