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Fire Safety For Kids

I did this fun and easy game for unit about fire fighters and construction workers. Place two long strips of tape up the table and give the kids dice and a cup of popsicle sticks. They roll the dice, count the dots and add the rungs to the "ladder."


A great sensory activity for fire safety. Use shaving cream and powder paint to create a fire. Then have kids use a squirt bottle with water to put the fire out!


Fire Safety Week Videos including books and songs plus informational videos for fire safety week and October.

Five little firefighters sleeping in a row. Ring goes the bell, down the pole they go. They jump on the engine and put out the fire. Now they're back home, but they sure are tired.

from Mama Smiles

Save Lives with this Simple Fire Safety Experiment

It's National Fire Safety Week, and this simple science experiment is a wonderfully visual way to explain to kids why you want to keep oxygen away from a fire.


This Fire Safety Magnet is easy for kids to make and can serve as a constant reminder all year long about the importance of fire safety!

from Mrs. P's Specialties!

Fire Safety lesson

A hands on fire safety lesson which incorporates life skills, sequencing and fine motor skills. Perfect activity for the special education classroom. My students have autism and other disabilities and they loved it!


FIRE SAFETY RAP! (song for kids about fire safety, calling 911, etc...)

Fire Safety Week with Sparky the Fire Dog - Worksheets for Grades 1-2 Free :)


Fireman Sam Bonfire Night Safety Videos.