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Fire Piston

from Unique Titanium

Vulcan Fire Piston V2

Vulcan Fire Piston V2-Vulcan Fire Piston V2 The Vulcan V2 Fire Piston by Numyth, is precision CNC machined from an aerospace grade aluminum alloy and has an ultra tough hard anodized type III coating (orange(copper) or gray) to protect it from scratc


Illustrated & Detailed Guide To Making A Fire Piston


Make Fire Piston with thread gasket

Making fire piston is not really difficult as it seems.Its just the matter to follow few conditions ,  such as.. 1. The cylinder diameter must not be more than 1/2 ", if its more then its becomes almost impossible to create the required pressure using hand strength.The ideal diameter is from 3/8" to 1/2".Remember more the diameter means more pressure is required. 2.Even though  O rings produce good seal,to get O ring of correct size is tricky. Thats why I prefer thread gaskets. 3.Use of good char cloth is essential. It must be made up of cotton fabric and must be dry.