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Illustrated & Detailed Guide To Making A Fire Piston

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How to Make a Fire Piston Out of a Mini Flashlight

A fire piston is a device used to create embers for starting a fire. The principle behind it is adiabatic heating.

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Homemade Fire Piston

I live in lovely Ol' Seattle. It likes to rain here tons, specially during winter, fall, and spring. When it rains, I like to dink around in the machine shop at my place of employment. I am also an avid hiker and camper, so this project fits right in with my interest. I designed and constructed a fire piston on the lathe at work.A fire piston works like a diesel engine, take air, compress it fast, and Boom. There is no boom, just embers if you use the right fuel.

How to Make a Fire Piston For Under 10 Bucks

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