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One time the fire alarm went off in school and my maths teacher made us finish our questions and put our stuff away before we could go! As far as she knew, the building could have been on fire!

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Hide eyesore thermostats, firepulls, and alarms with hinged art. LOOOOOVVVVEEEE IT!!!!!!!! Going to do this in my kitchen where currently the wall art consists of haphazardly placed (by a man, no doubt) electric outlets and old phone jacks!!!!!!!!

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Domestic & commercial electrical services – In Kent Media ads by edgei

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CCTV systems (security camera systems) are the most common form of security in public places. CCTV systems can be a controversial subject as not everyone supports the need for security camera surveillance in public places due the fear of personal privacy being invaded. In this regard, do you believe that having a CCTV in public places will help prevent or lessen crimes?

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My brothers room caught on fire and the smoke alarm went off but everyone just thought that it was glitching and it took us 5 mins to realize there was an actual fire ._.

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