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German soldiers after the fall of Helsinki in the Finnish civil war 1918. TheRed Guard Headquarter Smolna´s flag thrown to the street

Simo Hayha, "The White Death" is considered to be the most effective sniper in Human History. He served in the Finnish Civil Guard during the Winter War with the Soviet Union in 1939-1940. Over the course of 100 days on the Kollaa Front, Hayha killed 705 Soviet Soldiers, including 542 with his bolt-action M28-30 Mosin Nagant carbine. He also refused to use a scope, making all of his kills with traditional iron sights.


Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim (4 June 1867 – 27 January 1951) was the military leader of the Whites in the Finnish Civil War, Commander-in-Chief of Finland's Defence Forces during World War II, Marshal of Finland, and a Finnish statesman. He was Regent of Finland (1918–1919) and the sixth President of Finland (1944–1946).


During World War I, in 1917, Finland declares its independence. This independence is recognized by the new communist leaders of Russia. At the same time, the breach between left wing and and right wing armed groups becomes hostile. In 1918 the Finnish Civil War between Finnish communists and anti-communists starts. This map shows the initial frontlines and first offensives of the Finnish Civil War at the beginning of February


German troops advancing on Helsinki (Finnish Civil War). The upper sign says in swedish "Ladugården", better know as "Latokartano" (part of Viikki), Helsinki. i LIVE NEAR BY THIS PLACE. aREA IS STILL FULL OF LITTLE MARKS THAT CiVIL WaR LEfT BEHIND.

Red Army; International Units L to R Infantryman Chinese Battalion 1918-20, Hungarian Hussar, Detached International Cavalry Division 1918-19 & Infantryman E.Rahia's Finnish Red Guard detachment 1918-19


Tampereen kaupungin Tammelan kaupunginosaa Suomen sisällissodassa keväällä 1918 käydyn Tampereen taistelun jälkeen / Tammela district of the City of Tampere after the Finnish Civil War in 1918.