Statics 3D Finite Element Method App | informengineer Diagrams of 3D structures can be drawn with excel functionality. According to the results of analysis, all diagrams can be plotted with Statics 3D FEM App. #civilengineering #civilengineers #structuralengineering #structuralengineers #mechanicalengineering

cool Mod-01 Lec-10 Fundamentals of Discretization: Finite Element Method Check more at

FEM 2D Plane Stress Analysis App | informengineer Finite element method (FEM) application for 2D plane strain and stress analysis. #civilengineering #civilengineers #structuralengineering #structuralengineers

The Finite Element Method - Theory

NURBS-Enhanced Finite Element Method (NEFEM)

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