Sand and Water Tables: Boxes in Boxes. I love this idea for sand because it creates a 3D experience that children can explore for an open ended experience when using a sand table. By reaching into boxes and poking heads in and around boxes, this creates an ultimate experience with sand by looking over and under boxes. This is also great for children's imaginations - they can even bring props into this sand table to create a story.

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Animal architecture: Ernesto Neto

Ernesto Neto works with abstract installations which often take up the entire exhibition space. His materials are gossamer-thin, light, stretchable fabrics in nylon or cotton. Like fine membranes f…

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Antelope Canyon Desert Abstract Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Mike Irwin

Wide flush the fields; the softening air is balm; echo the mountains round; the forest smiles and every hear tis joy. J Thomson

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A peek at our mud kitchen - awaiting all fine chefs for Cliffs and Clay week! @ Garden Gate Child Development Center ≈ ≈ For more inspiring pins:

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