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29: To find out where someone is keeping something, their phone for example, tell them yours has been stolen and they will instantly check the whereabouts of their own; showing you where it is.

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"Tingfinder" - Helps to find lost objects. Sleep with the sigil under your head at night, and in dreams you'll see where the object you are looking for is hidden.

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79: If you are talking to someone who has hidden something you're looking for, talk to them about the object. People will usually look at the spot where they have hidden it.

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I Spy Fall Sensory Bin - Use a rake to find the items hiding under the leaves and acorns/could include popcorn kernels, pinecones, pumpkin seeds/could spy things that start w/certain letter or sound!

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2-In1 Picture Tables

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Discover hidden poems - draw an object on an old book page and choose to highlight some words to create a little poem

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