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Tuesday 28 April, 2015 Strasbourg, 28.04.2015 - The head of Europe's 47-nation human rights organisation has called on Indonesia not to carry out the execution by firing squad of 9 people which is expected to take place in the coming days. "The death penalty is a terrible injustice which can never be put right," said Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland. "I urge the Indonesian authorities to refrain from carrying out these ex

If you're traveling on the cheap and find yourself in Brighton, here are my 5 favorite free things to do while you're there!


Free back to school find someone who game. Great for icebreakers the first few days and a great way for kids to get to know each other and their teacher.


A wolf came out of the mist besides me. Its icy-blue eyes locked onto mine before it signaled me to follow it. I walked next to him deeper into the forest. When the wolf started to run I knew it would be impossible to keep up, but I maintain my pace without growing weary. It was an amazing feeling of freedom and I felt like I could ran forever.


Pallet How To - A Great Guide on Making Things With Pallets

Loads of tips All About Pallets! - Where to find pallets, how to select & take apart pallets, working with pallets, and pallet project ideas!


New Year's Resolutions: Inspiring Quotes To Start 2014

quotes on positive attitude New Year's Resolutions: Inspiring Quotes To Start 2014 #quotes #love


DIY Protein Bars is a collection of 48 healthy homemade protein bar recipes! Delicious, no bake and ultra fudgy, you'd never know they’re sugar free, high protein, high fiber, gluten free, dairy free, vegan and all natural. NO preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup or artificial flavorings. And they taste AMAZING! DIY Protein Bars are cheaper than storebought bars. This book has unique flavors you can't find in stores. Did someone say Red Velvet, Tiramisu and Matcha Green Tea? Oh yes!


Need a gift for that special gentleman in your life? With 13 men's styles to choose from all around $100 with free shipping worldwide, we're sure you'll find a watch that will fit his style!