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Magpie Fairy - Discarded as rubbish, or accidentally lost, she finds them irresistible and adorns herself with them. Obviously because she is very tiny, the objects are depicted larger than life. I had great fun deciding which objects may have been discarded by humans and would be small enough and interesting enough for a fairy to collect. Not a traditional fairy but rather a streetwise', happy-go-lucky, modern fairy.


Death's blade. One of the most powerful objects in existence. Has the ability to kill anything, including angels and demons.

from The Sterling Silver Com

Instinct Silver 154 Double Dog Tag of length 3.4 cm and Necklace 51cm

A photo of a 9th or 10th century Viking object from an archaeology hoard in Galloway

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Which Mythical Creature is Hidden Inside You?

Fairy ~A practitioner of magic, you were blessed with the ability to attain objectives or acquire wisdom using supernatural means. You are both the master of illusion and of creation. Your powers can transform beings and objects into their most desired form, or... their harshest nightmares


Can have the students go out and find objects that look like the letters in their names, or spelling words, or even math shapes....wheels turning....


From the book "The Vikings" put out by the British Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art on page 60 (isbn 0 87099 220 1), photographic credit to Tronheim Museum. It is described as "a whalebone line-winder incised with the figure of a bird" from north Norway, however there is no indication of how big the artifact is.

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Weekend Warriors: Pinspirational June {The Saturday Edition}

Idea to reuse the pencil bucket things I bought: make up a basket for each table group with different supplies. Table managers grab the buckets from specified location when needed. ????