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Kids create and draw in Apps that represent them, later expanding upon their ideas through writing. I saw this elsewhere initially but didn't pin it, and can't find the original. drat!


The "Telephone Table" - yes, every home had one of these in the hall, where you would sit for the couple of seconds that you were allowed to use the phone, in the freezing cold in the hallway. It had a convenient section underneath to store your phone directory.


35 Insider Hacks For Taking Your Kids To Disneyland

Write your cell phone number on your child in case they get separated from you. | 35 Insider Hacks For Taking Your Kids To Disneyland

How To Trace A Cellphone Number And Find Out Where The Caller Lives


Rotary dial pay phone. Operators could tell how much money you deposited by the tone that each type of coin made


Worried about losing little ones at Walt Disney World? Write your phone number in sharpie on these "Lost Parents" Cover Bands and stop worrying! Find them in our "In the Parks" category at

16: Max; 'goin to get a new cat! YUS! So happy! But I still miss Stich..' "Max come on!" "OKAY!" I'll grab my camera for the project with that girl.


Aww. Seb is worried he'll wake up one day and find Marvel was a dream -- a big joke. - Visit now to grab yourself a super hero shirt today at 40% off!