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The "Telephone Table" - yes, every home had one of these in the hall, where you would sit for the couple of seconds that you were allowed to use the phone, in the freezing cold in the hallway. It had a convenient section underneath to store your phone directory.


Kids create and draw in Apps that represent them, later expanding upon their ideas through writing. I saw this elsewhere initially but didn't pin it, and can't find the original. drat!


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My dear friend Chelsie needs one of these...when I lived with her...I probably heard "Where are my keys?" at least 6 times a day.

Tech Support Database with EMAIL CELL PHONE PC or MAC RARE Tech Support Database (560K) with EMAIL(s)CELL PHONE(s)PC or MAC Type of Device etc... only $600 This will be sure to FUEL your Call Center/Phone Room with a nice chunk of Data for this RARE and nearly impossible to find niche of PC MAC Computer Tech Support. The leads generated from this source show that they do repair work on Both PC Macintosh and a variety of different devices: all kinds of laptops and desktops also... The…

Rotary dial pay phone. Operators could tell how much money you deposited by the tone that each type of coin made

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911 could face its own emergency: Hackers

Researchers show a state's 911 network could fall to hackers who overwhelm the…