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You need some jobs for your characters, but you don't which one ? In such cases you need lists of possible labors. Here is an example of a list. ( And I can assure you it helps you a lot ) SIMPLY WRITING TIP #9


(Open rp be him. Credit to: @ringronies) I walk to the ship docks and look around for the name of the ship I had bought passage on. I finally see it and walk up to it hesitating to board. "Will you be boarding anytime soon?" I hear a voice say and look up startled. My eyes find a handsome young man grinning and looking down at me from the deck. I quickly grab my bag and walk onto the deck. "Yes sorry." I say blushing slightly. "No need to apologize." He winks. "I'm Captain West."

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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (Tifa) Wall Scroll Poster, New And Rare

FC:Tifa Lockhart|| My name is Rena and my parents are Auron and Lulu (from final fantasy). I look to be around 25, but I'm only 18. I love to practice martial arts and hand to hand combat; I am also really good at elemental magic ( a gift from my mom) I'm a quick witted, sarcastic teenager that loves to laughter, read and hang out with her best friend(opening!!) So, introduce yourselves!


I think its funny that these days Aries is known as Arieth. _____ Except you spelled her name wrong twice Aeris/Aerith :/


Final Fantasy, Japan - When I played IX, I named my Vivi character Bob-omb


KH Name Meanings. Sora Riku and Kairi are Japanese and Ventus Terra and Aqua are Latin. I like the transition from Japanese to Latin.