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This is a simple visual and tactile cueing board for students who delete final consonants. Have the student place their finger on the start sign as they start to say the word. As they say it, they will slide their finger down the green line and then tap the red circle at the end (while producing the final consonant).


PhonoPix is a minimal pairs app with 10 decks for the following phonological processes: prevocalic voicing, word final devoicing, final consonant deletion, fronting (palatal and velar), marked blend reduction, unmarked blend reduction, gliding (“l” and “r” sounds), stopping, backing (palatal and velar), and initial consonant deletion. It has 400 pairs of words that contrast the child’s incorrect response with the target response. PhonoPix is a universal binary optimized for the iPhone, iPod…

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Turtles and Tails - Final Consonant Deletion game

Turtles and Tails Final Consonant Deletion game