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Filing Cabinet Smoker

Do you have an old filing cabinet merely gathering dust in your house? You can repurpose it as a novel smoker! Yes – filing cabinet paints can contain some dangerous chemicals, but there are lots of ways to strip that paint and there spray paints for grills that you can use to make your DIY smoker safe. Learn how to turn an old metal filing cabinet into a smoker now!


DIY-Smoker... Recipe: 1 old-ass, four-drawer filing cabinet (no plastic parts, only steel, painted with the finest poisons) 3 cans of grill paint, to cover up the finest poisons 3 sheets of expanded metal for grill racks 1 two-foot section of three-inch aluminum vent 1 tube of 100% silicone 1 cast iron skillet 1 cast iron propane camp stove 1 bag of lava rocks 1 steel bowl filled with water 2 grill thermometers Fittings and copper tubing for propane connection Some wood that tastes good…


THE FILING CABINET SMOKER: THE BUILD – PART 2. Tested my smoker for the first time. This is how it looks at the moment.