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Meet the Fidget Cube, a six-sided vinyl toy designed to help fidgeters manifest…

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Sensory mini pillows for people with Alzheimer's to hold in their hands. They look easy to make!

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DIY fidget toy - wooden beads on a key ring #butterflyproject #quitpicking #nailbiting

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Fidget Toy, Ball Worm, Fidget

This little Ball Worm is a great fidget. It is made of super soft fleece with a ball inside that moves up and down. The movement of this fidget is repetitive and soothing. The little button eyes give the fidget another textual element for fidgety fingers. This is a good fidget for use in the classroom or other situations that require minimal noise because it does not create any sound. The Ball Worm is made of fleece fabric, a ball and buttons. The Ball Worm can be cleaned with warm soapy…

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Sensory balloons - maynot not originally intended as a language activity, but it would be great for that.

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$2 Silent Classroom Fidgets : The Therapy Shoppe, The extraordinary little specialty shoppe for school and pediatric therapists, teachers and parents too.

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Sensory Hacks to Focus a Fidgety Child

Sensory Hacks for Fidgety Child | Simple solutions that I am going to try today! Such great ideas for the classroom and home!

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An easy stress reducing idea- fill balloons with play doh, then squeeze away to release tension. Great for kids and adults!

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Sensory Fidget Keychain, Autism Fidget Keychain, Fidget Keychain

Sensory Fidget Keychain, Austism Fidget Keychain, ADHD Fidget Keychain by ItsTangly on Etsy

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