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Authentic Fideo Mexican Pasta

This is an age old Authentic Fideo Mexican Pasta Recipe that grandma used to make. There is a special technique you need to know before you start this recipe


15 Cutest Valentines Crafts for Kids

15 Cutest Valentines Crafts for Kids - Valentines Day White Chocolate Bark Bites #Valentines #KidsCraft #ChocolateMoulding


Chilli prawn linguine

Chilli prawn linguine - only 333 calories, far far less if you substitute the linguine for courgette spirals!!!!


This is my kid's absolute favorite dish. This is what they request even for their birthday meal. It's Mexican comfort food. It was one of my favorites growing up and still is. I often get requests for the recipe. It has evolved somewhat over the years. This is how I make it now:

Sopa de Fideo - Mexican Noodle Soup

This hearty and comforting Mexican tomato noodle soup, called Sopa de Fideo, is a true feast of flavors!


Fresh homemade udon noodles are surprisingly easy to make – you only need 4 ingredients! Eat the right away or freeze them for an easy weeknight option. ~